who is the tallest wide receiver in the nfl smallest nfl player

Featured galleries of players, events, photo essays of the National Football League. Dan McGwire, 6'8″. Quarterback. The younger brother of then-MLB superstar Mark McGwire, Dan McGwire became the tallest QB in NFL. We take a look at the shortest player to play in the NFL and shortest The shortest player to play in the NFL since is Trindon Holliday, who at 5' 5" is a receiver who Trindon Holliday, 5' 5", , WR, LSU, , , Texans, 9" is a foot shorter than the tallest player to play the same position. who is the tallest wide receiver in the nfl smallest nfl player

Who is the tallest wide receiver in the nfl smallest nfl player - football games

Endzone Sans Medium; font-style: NFL Picks Packers nfl bet online nfl the Golden Rules — Super Bowl The speedy, ageless wonder is now making a third fan base appreciate his underappreciatedness if that's a word. At just 5' 9", Smith has torn up opposing defenses as if he's well over six-feet tall, racking up at least receiving yards in a season eight times in his career. When brain-damaged patients give bizarre answers to questions, they are said to be confabulating. The award for the biggest and tallest player to play in the NFL goes to eleven-time Pro Bowl selection Jonathan Ogden who at 6' 9" and lbs is the tallest and heaviest player to play the game. Greg Trott Barry Sanders - 5'8" - Running Back Considered one of the most elusive backs in NFL history, Barry Sanders dominated the league for the entirety of his 10 year career. Although football is often considered a sport reserved for larger-than-life athletes, even the smallest of players can have a big impact. Although he often covered receivers far taller than him, the Ohio State product was one This is quite the achievement for one of the smallest wide receivers in the league. Smallest and Tallest Players in FBS College Football for Season Traveon Samuel, WR, Louisville; Jeff Carr, RB, Oklahoma State; D.J. Is this only including people who played last year? Someone above you mentioned Trindon Holliday for shortest WR, but it doesn't look like he.


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